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Jamie Anderluh

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A two-period forum was held for the juniors last week. Its purpose was to begin to engage students in the college essay writing process, and–perhaps more importantly–to discuss what exactly makes a college essay memorable.

The observation to be made here, incidentally, is how many individuals approach the potential essay with the idea that they have nothing to write about. Specifically, they have nothing to write about themselves.

This is representative of a greater issue. When we struggle to find something about ourselves that’s distinct or noteworthy, it must mean that we haven’t been spending enough time in self-reflection.

The reason for this is because we are all distinct in different ways. We all have something that drives us, that makes us different, but we have to spend time asking ourselves the questions that lead us to this understanding.

When we send our high school experience immersed in trying to be like everyone else, we neglect to provide the important distinction for what makes us unique.

In this way, we can’t be afraid of our personality, and we can’t be afraid of our passions. Our college essays can act as a marker for how much we know about ourselves; they should encourage us to spend the remainder of our time in high school pursuing the things that hold true to ourselves.

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Pursue passions, inspire essays